The New Official Website

Today! June 15th, 2012. The New Official Balawan's Website has Launched! Check out the latest Balawan's news, events, discography, videos and photos!

This site is (always) under development. We need your participation to completing this official site project by giving us a comment using the comment form at the bottom of this page. You also can write an article about I Wayan Balawan, share your Balawan's photos, fixing the language, etc. Send it to info(at)balawan(dot)net.

Do you want to make an interview with Balawan? Please send your question list to his email directly by using the 'Contact' menu at left sidebar of this site. You also can ask him in real time by twiting your question to Balawan's twitter account.

Are you Wikipidian? Please collaborating to edit the wiki article about Balawan at Wikipedia. Visit the English version of Balawan article's wiki at this link, Bahasa Indonesia version is here or with other language. Collaborative writing can lead to projects that are richer and more complex than those produced by individuals. The English version of wiki article about Balawan is embedded at Balawan's biography page.

Thanks for your visiting! let's jazz the world with happiness and Love. May peace prevail on earth!

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