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Plugins Used:

There are 59 plugins used: 43 active plugins and 16 inactive plugins.

Adjustly Collapse 1.0.0  Adjustly Collapse 1.0.0
» (url)
Allows contributors to create a collapsible element within an article or theme which is triggered by a hyperlink or other element.

All in One SEO Pack  All in One SEO Pack
» Michael Torbert (url)
Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress blog. Options configuration panel | Upgrade to Pro Version | Donate | Support | Amazon Wishlist

Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds 2.2  Blogroll Widget with RSS Feeds 2.2
» Tanja Preuße (url)
Displays the recent posts of your blogroll links via RSS Feeds in a customizable sidebar widget

Canonical URL's 2.0.1  Canonical URL's 2.0.1
» Joost de Valk (url)
Adds rel=”canonical” URL’s of your choice to the <head> of your posts and pages, instead of the default.

CloudFlare 1.3.5  CloudFlare 1.3.5
» Ian Pye, Jerome Chen, James Greene (CloudFlare Team) (url)
CloudFlare integrates your blog with the CloudFlare platform.

CodeGuard 0.35  CodeGuard 0.35
» The CodeGuard Team (url)
Get a time machine for your website! CodeGuard will monitor your site for changes. When a change is detected, we will alert you and take a new backup of your database and site content.

Disqus Comment System 2.74  Disqus Comment System 2.74
» Disqus (url)
The Disqus comment system replaces your WordPress comment system with your comments hosted and powered by Disqus. Head over to the Comments admin page to set up your DISQUS Comment System.

Easy Columns v2.0  Easy Columns v2.0
» Pat Friedl (url)
Easy Columns provides the shortcodes to create a grid system or magazine style columns for laying out your pages just the way you need them. Using shortcodes for 1/4, 1/2, 1/3, 2/3, 3/4, 1/5, 2/5, and 3/5 columns, you can insert at least thirty unique variations of columns on any page or post. Quickly add columns to your pages from the editor with an easy to use “pick n’ click” interface! For usage and more information, visit

Embed Facebook 1.4  Embed Facebook 1.4
» Sohail Abid (url)
Embed various facebook objects (album, photo, event, video, page, group, or note) by just pasting the URL anywhere in a WordPress page or post

Flickr Gallery 1.5.2  Flickr Gallery 1.5.2
» Dan Coulter (url)
Use easy shortcodes to insert Flickr galleries and photos (and videos) in your blog.

Fotobook 3.2.3  Fotobook 3.2.3
» Aaron Harp (url)
Fotobook allows you to import Facebook photo galleries directly into WordPress. Requires PHP 5.

FourSquare Integration 4.3  FourSquare Integration 4.3
» NetCrunched (url)
Very First FourSquare Wordpress integration plugin. Includes FourSquare checkins on Google Maps or as a List. Widget Option in Pro release (soon).

Google Calendar Events 0.7.2  Google Calendar Events 0.7.2
» Ross Hanney (url)
Parses Google Calendar feeds and displays the events as a calendar grid or list on a page, post or widget.

Google Calendar Widget 1.3.2  Google Calendar Widget 1.3.2
» Kaz Okuda (url)
This plugin adds a sidebar widget containing an agenda from a Google Calendar. It is based on the Google Calendar samples and inspired by wpng-calendar. It is smaller and simpler than wpng-calendar and allows for multiple widgets to each show their own agenda.

Google XML Sitemaps 3.2.9  Google XML Sitemaps 3.2.9
» Arne Brachhold (url)
This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog.

Hello In All Languages 1.0.2  Hello In All Languages 1.0.2
» StathisG (url)
Hello In All Languages displays a “hello” word translated to the official language of the country the visitor’s IP belongs to.

HL Twitter 2013.1.25  HL Twitter 2013.1.25
» Luke Lanchester (url)
A plugin to display and store your Twitter archive, and send out new tweets on publish.

iBox 1.1  iBox 1.1
» David Cramer (url)
Allows you to use rel=”ibox” in your page as well as any additional iBox features detailed at

Inline Posts 2.1.2.g  Inline Posts 2.1.2.g
» Aral Balkan (url)
Allows you to include posts in pages (and in other posts). To include a post, just enter its ID in square brackets in the body of a page or another post (e.g., [[42]]).

Last.FM for Artists 0.7.2  Last.FM for Artists 0.7.2
» (url)
Loads data of an artist and displays it on your blog. Uses Last.FMs REST 2.0 APIs. Loosely based on Simon Wheatley Last.FM Events plugin.

Linkable Title Html and Php Widget by PepLamb 1.2.1  Linkable Title Html and Php Widget by PepLamb 1.2.1
» PepLamb (url)
Linkable Title Html and Php Widget by PepLamb! Using this plugin you may have Text, HTML, Javascript, Flash and/or Php as content in this widget with linkable widget titles, so this is a plus compared to the default wordpress’ text widget.

PHP Execution 1.0.0  PHP Execution 1.0.0
» Nicolas Zeh (url)
The PHP Execution Plugin allows users to write php code inside their posts and pages. Embedded php code will be executed when the post is shown. In doing so, the plugin offers the possibility to utilize dynamic content inside of posts. This plugin does not require to turn off the visual editor.

Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget 2.3  Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget 2.3
» WhileTrue (url)
Displays your public Twitter messages in the sidbar of your blog. Simply add your username and all your visitors can see your tweets!

Recent Posts Slider 0.6.3  Recent Posts Slider 0.6.3
» Neha Goel (url)
Recent Posts Slider displays your blog’s recent posts either with excerpt or thumbnail images using slider.

Recent Posts Widget Unlimited 1.0  Recent Posts Widget Unlimited 1.0
» helpgeek (url)
A Recent Posts widget that bypasses the 15-post limitation.

Rotating Links Widget 0.1  Rotating Links Widget 0.1
» Ján Bočínec (url)
Widget displays random links

Smart Image Gallery 1.0.1  Smart Image Gallery 1.0.1
» CodePeople (url)
Smart Image Gallery allows to insert images, and pictures, in your blog, directly from the WordPress media library, or eternal images repositories (like: Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, Facebook or Google Images ). The images are searched, and inserted, from the article edition, without importing them to the WordPress media library.

Social Media Widget 2.9.4  Social Media Widget 2.9.4
» Brian Freytag (url)
Adds links to all of your social media and sharing site profiles. Tons of icons come in 3 sizes, 4 icon styles, and 4 animations.

TubePress 3.0.1  TubePress 3.0.1
» Eric D. Hough (url)
Displays gorgeous YouTube and Vimeo galleries in your posts, pages, and/or sidebar. Upgrade to TubePress Pro for more features!

Tweet Blender 4.0.1  Tweet Blender 4.0.1
» Kirill Novitchenko (url)
Provides several Twitter widgets: show your own tweets, show tweets relevant to post’s tags, show tweets for Twitter lists, show tweets for hashtags, show tweets for keyword searches, show favorite tweets. Multiple widgets on the same page are supported. Can combine sources and blend all of them into a single stream.

TweetView-Widget 1.6  TweetView-Widget 1.6
» Simon Harjes & H.-Peter Pfeufer (url)
Adds a widget to your blogs sidebar to show your latest tweets. (XHTML-valid – based on Tweetbox from Rob Carr)

Twitter Cards 1.0.5  Twitter Cards 1.0.5
» Niall Kennedy (url)
Add Twitter Cards markup to individual posts.

Unattach 1.0.1  Unattach 1.0.1
» tamlyn (url)
Allows detaching images and other media from posts, pages and other content types.

Vertically scroll rss feed 7.0  Vertically scroll rss feed 7.0
» Gopi.R (url)
This plug-in will scroll the RSS feed title vertically in the widget, admin can add/update the RSS link & style via widget management.

Widgets on Pages 0.0.11  Widgets on Pages 0.0.11
» Todd Halfpenny (url)
Allows ‘in-page’ widget areas so widgets can be defined via shortcut straight into page/post content or through the use of a template tag.

Wiki Append 1  Wiki Append 1
» OLT UBC (url)
enables the inclusion of mediawiki pages into your own blog page or post.

Wiki Embed 1.4.5  Wiki Embed 1.4.5
» Enej Bajgoric - CTLT - UBC (url)
Enables the inclusion of mediawiki pages into your own blog page or post through the use of shortcodes.

WP-PluginsUsed 1.50  WP-PluginsUsed 1.50
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan (url)
Display WordPress plugins that you currently have (both active and inactive) onto a post/page.

WP-PostViews 1.65  WP-PostViews 1.65
» Lester 'GaMerZ' Chan (url)
Enables you to display how many times a post/page had been viewed. Modified by David Potter to include options for when and where to display view counts.

WP Facebook Open Graph protocol 2.0.7  WP Facebook Open Graph protocol 2.0.7
» Chuck Reynolds (url)
Adds proper Facebook Open Graph Meta tags and values to your site so when links are shared it looks awesome! Works on Google + and Linkedin too!

WP PHP widget 1.0.2  WP PHP widget 1.0.2
» wpxue (url)
WP PHP widget adds a new widget called PHP Widget, which will allow you to include PHP code, you can have Text, HTML, Javascript, Flash and/or PHP code ,wordpress template tags as content or title in this widget. So, as long as you want, it can do everything, that is greatful.

WP Super Cache 1.1.1  WP Super Cache 1.1.1
» Donncha O Caoimh (url)
Very fast caching plugin for WordPress.

WP Table of Paginated Contents 1.2  WP Table of Paginated Contents 1.2
» António Andrade (url)
Handles naming of each post page through a TinyMCE button and produces a Table of Contents for the said post.